Driving in the Snow

Being Michiganders our confidence level for driving in wintry conditions is likely much higher than those living in the rest of the country.  While that confidence is the result of many hours of experience driving in the snow and ice there is always room for improvement.  Whenever out on the road during these unfavorable conditions I without fail see two types of drivers: The over confident driver who travels way to fast and the under confident driver who is moving too slow, both are dangerous to the drivers around them.

So with those dangerous drivers in mind, here are some things we can do to make the road safer when the snow is falling:

  1. Accelerate more gradually than normal.
  2. Give the vehicles in front of you more than enough space.  I try to give the driver in front of me double the space I would if the roads were clear.
  3. Drive at a reasonable speed.  I try to drive with the flow of traffic.  There will always be  people going too slow and others going too fast, but for the most part you can find a safe groove.
  4.  If you do start to slide or spin, do not panic.  Often times driver’s over correct and end up in the ditch.
  5. Try not to stop when possible.  It’s a lot easier to keep rolling than it is to start from a stand still when there’s snow on the road.
  6.  When you do have to stop, give yourself plenty of room.  Roll slowly into the stop, rather than waiting until the last second and sliding into the stop.

Have anything to add?  What types of advice do you have for wintry driving?



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