Keeping Cool in this Crazy Heat

As I mentioned in my last post, I was out of town for a couple of weeks.  Luckily for me, I was in San Francisco where the temperature was consistently 65 degrees.  When we returned home on Saturday I was not prepared for the weather awaiting me.  Holy cow was it hot.  I left a couple of the windows cracked in my home while we were away in anticipation of the scorching heat, but our home was unbearably hot when we returned.  We have a baby monitor that gives the temperature reading of the room it’s in and it read 95 degrees.  95 degrees!

Luckily, there are a few tricks we can employ to help keep cool during these times of sweltering heat.

Do everything you can to avoid allowing your home to become hot in the first place. Opening windows at night and closing shades during the day can go a long way towards keeping your home cool.  During the day your home can become up to 30% warmer just from sun coming through the windows, so keeping the shades closed is very important. Placing fans near the windows at night is a great way to funnel cool are into the home at and acts like a natural air conditioner.

Appliances are also a significant source of heat within your home.  Avoid the use of  your oven and stove when possible.  I try to grill as often as I can when it’s hot out because it gives me an excuse to be outside and I avoid making my home warmer than it needs to be.  Keeping doors inside the home open throughout the day is also an efficient way to keep air circulating.

Be sure to keep the bathroom fan on a little longer than normal after showering. Showering increases temperature and causes the room to become more humid which can leak into adjacent rooms. Keeping the bathroom fan on can help to reduce temperature and helps get rid of the moisture in the air.

If  you’re lucky enough to have an air conditioner it’s important it runs as efficiently as possible to keep your home cool.  One aspect of the air conditioner that is often overlooked is being sure to either replace or clean the air filter.  Having a plugged up air filter can strain the air conditioning unit and cause it to run less efficiently.

How about you?  Do you have any tricks or tips you use to keep cool during the summer months.  If so, please feel free to add them to the comment section below.  Good luck, keep cool and remember this beats winter!



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