Why Use an Agent?

People my age (I’m 29) grew up during the rise of the internet.  I can remember waiting three entire days for a song to download when my family’s home first connected to the internet.  This was back when we had a dial up modem and our internet provider was downloaded onto our family computer by inserting the free NetZero CD into our disk drive.

We’ve come a long way.

Now we can do anything on the internet.  I don’t need to go to the store anymore to buy standard household goods.  I can even buy some of my groceries online.  I no longer wait days to download a song, I just click play.  Everything is instant and everything is easy.

So, in this day and age why do I still go to the store to buy my household goods and groceries?   Maybe it’s because I like to hold something before I buy it.  Maybe it’s because it’s a good excuse to get out of the house for a little while.  Or, maybe it’s because it’s nice to know I have an expert to talk to in case I have any questions.  When I buy goods online I have to be the expert and I just don’t trust myself to expertly pick the right wine to go with the dinner my Fiance is cooking.  It’s nice to have someone I can ask to make a recommendation.

So how does this relate to your insurance?  It’s easy to get an insurance quote online these days.  Fill in your information, answer a few questions and 10 mins later you have a quote.  There is one caveat, you have to be the insurance expert.  You are the one that needs to determine how high your liability limits should be.  You decide what your deductible is.  You have to recognize the need for endorsements on your policy and know how to make sure the discounts you qualify for are included in your premium.

I myself was guilty of doing this before I became an insurance agent.  I was paying way more than I should have been for far less coverage than I needed.  After being trained as an agent I quoted myself and couldn’t believe the difference in price and the upgrade in coverage’s I was getting.  It truly does pay to have a trained expert take a look at your insurance.  So, next time you’re shopping insurance give your local agent a call.  Chances are they’ll save you money plus you’ll no longer have to worry about being the insurance expert.


One thought on “Why Use an Agent?

  1. What a great post and so very true Corey. In this age of technology and having everything at your “fingertips” many feel they can do things on their own and just wing it online with information available. There are many, many things this is fantastic for but I do not believe Insurance is one of them, just too much risk there for me! Have to admit I still do hold quite a bit to the old adage, you get what you pay for, and too just talking with an agent costs people nothing. Personally…when I need coverage from my insurance I want it to be there!

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